Keep Us In Your Facebook Feed

Keep Us In Your Facebook Feed

Facebook recently changed its algorithms, making content from pages like ours less visible in your Facebook feed.

To keep up to date with the news happening in your community, make sure to follow these steps:

First, like us on Facebook by searching: 107.3 The Party

Below our cover photo, you’ll see a few options, including one that says “following.” Click/tap on the menu to change your notification and page priority settings for our page. Choose to “See First”  so you don’t miss out on video’s, links and updates given on our page.

From here, you also can choose to get notified every time our page posts or goes live.

On desktop, click on the pencil icon next to “NOTIFICATIONS” to change your preferences.


On mobile, after you tap “Following,” you will see an option to “Edit Notification Settings.”

And to take 55 minute Party Playlist wherever you go, download our app from the Google Play or Apple App Store. You can also enable push notifications to get instantly notified about contest, ways to win prizes and more!