The Bachelor: Recap Week 6 ๐ŸŒน
A lot of tears and a lot of people went home...
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Week 6 of ABC's The Bachelor was on tonight and it almost looked like it was about to be over at the end.

It started with Taylor coming back to tell Nick that Corinne was a liar during their date. She kind of just walked in, said 'Corinne you lied today and Nick I need to talk to you."

It didn't change Nick's mind but Taylor said what we all have been thinking when it came to Corinne...

While Taylor was telling the truth to Nick about Corinne, Corinne was being annoying AF as usual, which drove me up the wall.

After that catastrophe of a date, Nick told ABC and Chris that he knew who he wanted to give roses and we had a rose ceremony right off the bat.

We lost Josephine, Alexis and Jamie went home and only 9 women remained. But they wouldn't be the only ones to go home tonight...

After that ceremony, Nick announced that him and the ladies were headed to the island of St. Thomas for some fun in the sun!

When they got to the beach, we realized that Nick wears waayyyyyy to short of shorts...

When he met the ladies at the boat dock he announced the first 1-on-1. It turned out to be with Kristina. Then, magic happened.

Kristina and Nick had an amazing day and great conversation about Kristina and her struggles. Kristina had a rough childhood with her parents and adoptive parents. She was starved as a child and has one of the most inspirational stories I've heard in a long time. She spent a lot of time in an orphanage in Russian and has a sister still in the country. For once, we saw a real life story from a beautiful woman that has been through way more than any person should.

After that night, the rest of ladies, minus Whitney and Danielle L., went to the beach to get drunk and fight. A lot.

After the drunk volleyball match, 1 girl broke her cool. Jasmine. She started talking her self into a pickle and ended up pretend but not really pretend choke Nick which freaked him out.

I'm sure it comes to not surprise but she got sent home. If you're keeping track, we're now down to 8 girls.

Then came the 1-on-1 with Danielle L. and Whitney. Now these ladies are both drop dead gorgeous. Heck, Whitney is a model. These girls have never had to fight over a guy in their lives and guess what...

It turns out that Whitney was not the girl for Nick and was sent home. Some random guy walked in to the house and took her luggage out of the room when the rest of the ladies were there.

We went from 8 down to 7. Then came the date with Danielle L. Then went to a beautiful dinner in St. Thomas where they had a great time until...

Then it hit me...

We're getting really close to the end of the season. Nick then talked himself out of a future with Danielle L. and guess what... SENT HER HOME TO! WTF NICK?!?!?!

I was the most confused. 6 GIRLS?! 6 GIRLS NICK! IT'S WEEK 6 BRUH!


The saddest part of the night? The ending credits. Normally, my spirit animal, Alexis, gives us great outtakes during the ending credits. Who was there this time? Corinne...

The amount of women Nick sent home tonight makes me feel that next week is the season finale. Maybe my chance of taking over Chris Harrison's job is approaching faster than I thought. We'll be waiting Chris, very patiently too. Until next week, I'm Connor Kenney.

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