The Bachelor: Recap Week 7🌹
I'm done.
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So week 7 of The Bachelor happened... Here we go again.

As always, I started out sooooo excited! But then, Nick did Nick things and disappointed me. A lot.

First off, we heard from Corinne on how awful other girls are for getting roses for a 1-on-1 date with Nick which is clearly not their choice.

It's Nick's so stop.

Nick and Venessa went on a date and went scuba diving! The 1-on-1 date card said "let's go deeper..." which was super weird until they did the scuba diving thing.

Things went real well but they are done handing out roses. She told him she's falling in love with him which freaked out Nick and he started talking waaaaay to much.

Then the group date of Corinne, Raven and Kristina got announced. They then went swimming with the sharks and Kristina freaked out. Raven wanted to fight sharks and Corinne was looking for attention.

Nick then gave a rose to Raven since it was a group date so that was exciting for her!

I then was scrolling through the twitter machine and saw Olivia from last season calling Nick out which made me so pumped! She even favorited my tweet!

But then Danielle got a 1-on-1 date with Nick which is where I lost it.

He couldn't have a "natural conversation" with Danielle.

And then, Nick started talking. He told Nick how awesome she was but ended up saying she's so great and she came but with "but I'm not good enough." DANIELLE YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH AND YOU DON'T DESERVE THIS SHOW!

Needless to say, she went home.

Then Corinne tried to show Nick her platinum vagine...

She snuck into Nick's room and he totally denied her. He redeemed himself a tiny bit with that.

But then he gave Rachel a 1-on-1 date which was super short and super good! Then Chris Harrison came in to talk to Nick, which sent everything downhill.

Nick decided to go to the house to ask for one of them. He picked Kristina. The beautiful Russian who has a great dentistry career, who was adopted and had to eat lipstick to live as a kid. WTF NICK!

Then we had to watch this big idiot break up with her which was the worst.

Kristina went home and now there is only Rachel, Corinne, Venessa and Raven left in the house. Next week is hometown week and soon the fantasy suite is right around the corner. There is a rumor floating around that Rachel will be announced tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live who the next Bachelorette will be. If it is Rachel, she'll be the first African American to be either Bachelor or Bachelorette. We'll see tonight on Kimmel.

I'm really mad at Nick and this week so I'm going away. Chris, slap Nick hard for me to wake him up. Until next week, I'm Connor Kenney.

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