The Bachelor: Recap Week 9🌹
A 1 hour episode is all we got in week 9.
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Week 9 of ABC's The Bachelor was on tonight and it was a short one. Only an hour this week but we get a 3 hour special finale which is probably going to be... meh.

It first started with Andi showing up to give him advice. Why would you want advice from your ex?

She told him to follow his heart and all that blah blah blah stuff. Then we had the only rose ceremony of the night.

Remember, Rachel is the new Bachelorette. But here's how it went down.

Getting the 3 roses of the night were Raven, Vanessa.....

and Rachel....

Yes. Corinne was sent home.

Just like you, I was upset, confused, happy and still kind of bored.

After that rose ceremony, Nick took the 3 remaining ladies to another stupid cold place, Finland. The rest of this episode was Nick and Raven on their fantasy date.

Mainly 2 things happened, Raven trashed her ex-boyfriend and his sexual performance, and Nick wore some stupid clothes.

Nick was wearing a scarf during their date at the bar and later a turtleneck. Hopefully these tweets sum of my feelings.

Also, who likes the cold? No one? Only stupid people like Nick? That's what I thought.

Like I said it was a short episode tonight and next week we have 3 hours with a ladies tell all and hopefully some actual entertainment. I'm 99.999% sure Chris Harrison also hates the cold. So much respect. If you read these recaps then I want to tell you I'm not sure if I'll watch it next week. I might go watch state basketball. Who knows! Until hopefully next week, I'm Connor Kenney.

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