Friday Night Party Lights🏈
Look for Connor Kenney all season long at local area high school games!
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Friday Night Party Lights are back! Connor Kenney is heading to different local area high school games all season long. He'll be playing Party Hits, handing out swag and making your high school football game a party! Check out the schedule below to find out which game he'll be at each week!

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Week 1: Denver Cyclones vs Dike-New Hartford Wolverines

Final: Denver (5-1) 39  Dike-New Hartford (4-3) 6


Week 2: Newton Cardinals vs Waterloo East Trojans

Final: Newton (6-0) 56 Trojans (2-4) 26

Week 3: Don Bosco Dons vs Dunkerton Raiders

Final: Don Bosco (6-0) 66 Raiders (4-2) 24


Week 4:Marshalltown Bobcats vs Waterloo West Wahawks

Final: Marshalltown (1-5) 14 Wahawks (5-2) 56


Week 5: Waterloo West Wahawks  vs Waterloo East Trojans

Final: Wahawks (5-2) 58 Torjans (2-4) 6

Week 6: Union Knights vs Waterloo Columbus Sailors 

Final: Union (5-1) 48 Waterloo Columbus (1-5) 7

Week 7: Riceville Wildcats vs Janesville Wildcats

Final: Riceville (5-1)... Janesville (5-1)...

Week 8: Cedar Rapids Jefferson Hawks vs Cedar Falls Tigers

Final: Cedar Rapids Jefferson (2-4)... Cedar Falls (5-1)...

Week 9: Central Springs vs Denver Cyclones

Final: Central Spring (3-3)... Denver (5-1)...


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